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Marines May Move Even More Combat Gear into Norwegian Caves

FRIGAARD CAVE, Norway — Lit by fluorescent lights lining the ceiling, the canvas-walled corridors looked even longer and more cavernous than they did full.

For a rare few days, the caves were mostly empty, the hundreds of combat vehicles, backhoes and trucks they normally held parked in neat “sticks,” or columns, outside.

Logistics Marines flown in just for the purpose were in the middle of hustling all the gear out of the caves, performing minor upkeep, and returning it to storage, all with a stopwatch running.

Known as a Strategic Mobility Exercise, or Stratmobex, the drill gave the Marines the chance to test their reflexes in case of a major combat contingency or other crisis that might require them to man the vehicle and weapons with minimal notice.

As the world changes and more attention shifts to Europe, planners are exploring the possibility of expanding the gear cache stored in the caves — possibly even doubling or tripling its capacity.”










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In the fall of 1967, The Basic School in Quantico, Virginia, finished training 498 twenty-something Marine second lieutenants. By the end of the year, nearly all were in Vietnam.

Before Christmas, the first of them was killed in action: 2nd Lt. Michael Ruane, of Mike Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, on Dec. 18, 1967. The TBS class that began in June 1967 (TBS 6/67) would have a casualty rate of more than 50 percent — the highest of any Marine officer class during the Vietnam War.

For those second lieutenants and their platoons, the pace was unrelenting. They would go past the wire — when there was wire — on daily patrols through terrain that ranged from paddies and dikes along the coast, through the scrub brush and elephant grass of the interior, and into the triple-canopy jungles of the high ground reaching into Laos.”

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2nd Camp Lejeune Commander Relieved of Duty

A New River Air Station commander relieved of her command June 7 wasn’t the only senior officer recently reprimanded by superiors.

Col. Daniel P. O’Hora, commander of the Marine Corps Engineering School aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C., was fired June 6 by Brig. Gen. Jason Bohm, head of training command.

In a press release, Bohm states his reason for O’Hora’s dismissal is for “loss of trust and confidence in his ability to serve in command.”

O’Hora has been replaced by Lt. Col. Gregory Marchlinski, the command’s interim executive officer.

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An investigation into O’Hora has been opened and remains ongoing, according to the release.”

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VA Silent on Timeline for Veteran ID Cards

Veterans will have to wait an unknown amount of time before they can get a photo ID card from the Department of Veterans Affairs under a law passed in 2015.

The law, known as the Veterans Identification Card Act 2015, orders the VA to issue a hard-copy photo ID card to any honorably discharged veteran who applies for one. Getting the card can come with a fee, the law states, and the card must contain the veteran’s name, photo and a non-Social Security identification number.

The VA estimated in March 2016 that the cards would be available this year. However, repeated requests by to VA officials for an update on the timeline for availability went unanswered..”

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A small 300-Marine task force bound for Helmand Province, Afghanistan, quietly deployed from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, last week, officials with II Marine Expeditionary Force confirmed.

Known as Task Force Southwest, the element is led by Brig. Gen. Roger Turner and largely composed of troops from Lejeune’s 6th Marine Regiment, who will train and advise local Afghan National Army and police forces as they struggle to hold the line against resurgent Taliban forces. The deployment was first reported by Marine Corps Times.

Helmand, Afghanistan’s southernmost province, was the site of some of the most intense and costly battles of the long war. The headquarters of Marine Corps operations in Afghanistan, Camp Leatherneck, was located in Helmand, and Marines waged hard and lengthy offensives in populous regions including Sangin and Marjah in the latter years of the war, driving the Taliban out of district centers there..”

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